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We simplify the process of finding a business partner, or joint ventures

Networking Events

Join our network of entrepreneurs and gain free entry to our business networking events. Held in an array of exclusive locations from Swedish islands to British Golf Clubs!

Connect and Collaborate

Use our search tool to find your perfect business partner or collaboration with other businesses. Collaborating with other businesses is a great way to grow your brand!

Investment Opportunities

Our network is not just for beginners, established business professionals and investors can find start ups seeking investment or joint ventures!

Our Goal..

We aim to inspire innovation and simplify finding a business partner or collaboration!

Starting a business can be a daunting task. Frankly, sometimes its just too hard to do it alone. We know first hand just how hard it can be to find like minded people, that's why we decided to provide a solution. Allowing like minded entrepreneurs to easily connect and find joint ventures online and innovate new projects.


Different skillsets

By partnering with someone with different skills will allow you to divide responsibilities, save money and achieve more with your time.

Split costs

There are many costs involved with starting a business. Splitting costs with a partner will give access to more capital. It could be the difference between an idea and an operating business.

Mitigate risk

Having a Co-founder not only limits risk for you but also for investors, they will have confidence that the business wont grind to a hold should you be unable to work for any reason.

Decision making

As your business begins to grow the chances are you will make some big and potentially make or break decisions. Having another perspective at these points can be crucial to the survival of the business.


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Networking Events

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Exclusive Networking Events

  • Free for Premium Members

    Premium Membership holders not only have access to the entrepreneur search tool but also receive Free entry to our exclusive business networking events!

  • Exclusive Locations

    We not only aim to inspire innovation, we also want our members to experience the perks of being successful and increase motivation. That's why we only host our events in exclusive locations, from Swedish island to British Golf Clubs, our venues do not disappoint!

  • Complimentary Food and Beverages

    All of our events include complimentary food & beverages. We aim to make our events atmosphere as natural and comfortable as possible, whilst ensuring a professional experience (food and beverage varies dependant on event location and time)

  • Connect with Like Minded Entrepreneurs

    Our networking events are full of like minded people all with the same goal, to progress in business. Whether your searching for a business partner or to want collaborate with other businesses, our events are a great place to find and form new projects.

  • Investment Opportunities

    Our networking events are not only for those looking to progress their business. Investors and business owners can find great people and/or businesses to invest in!


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